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Welcome! to the Wireless Institute of Australia's Associate program.


If you are interested in hobby electronics and exploring the world of possibilities that is out there then the Wireless Institute of Australia's Associate program is for you. The program is not just for licenced Amateur Radio operators but also the program provides information to help understand and navigate using radio frequencies (RF) to communicate in your electronics projects. At some point this may take you to wanting to be a licenced Amateur Radio operator as you communicate via voice and data around the world, or in other cases you may just be interested in how you can use RF in your projects. If you do want to become licenced then the Associate program also provides information to help you navigate getting "on the air".


The associate program also caters for those wanting to keep in touch with events, the WIA and those who would like to help guide the future of hobby electronics in Australia. This includes being involved in consulation and lobbying activities as an interested member of the public. The WIA appreciates and values your input on these matters at is works with organsiations to define and defend the rights of Electronic Hobbyists.


If you are already a member of the WIA then the associate program is not intended to supplement the services and information that you already receive. 

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